Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I've been TAGGED:

1. I AM...still amazed how much God loves us!
2. I WANT...warm soft cold.
3. I HAVE…so much to thank God for.
4. I KEEP... cleaning the same things over and over again...haha!
5. I WISH I COULD... play the piano Ally or Pastor Hake
6. I HATE… all insects!
7. I FEAR... loosing my family
8. I HEAR...silence....Jacob is sleeping
9. I DON'T THINK... I'll get Christmas cards sent out...:(
10. I REGRET... that I stopped running...yikes!
11. I family and friends
12. I AM NOT... warm
13. I DANCE... when I'm happy
14. I SING... songs that I make poor son gets to hear them all the time :)
15. I NEVER...cross everything of my list
16. I RARELY... get mad...haha
17. I CRY WHEN I WATCH... anything...I'm a huge cry baby
18. I AM NOT ALWAYS... prepared
19. I HATE THAT...I live so far away from my family
20. I'M CONFUSED ABOUT... alot of things...just ask my wonderful husband who gets asked all my questions....haha!
21. I NEED... to have tea with Ally soon! I love you too :)

I TAG Shannon again!

I'm still Amazed!

Today, Jacob and I were heading into town, and I started thinking about what Mrs. Hughes said in our devotion on Monday night. She asked us to consider Mary, and what it was like that first Christmas night when Jesus was born. I started thinking how Mary must have loved holding the Son of God in here arms. Then, I thought about Jesus as a baby, and how his little hands that Mary probably held grew into the hands that were nailed to a cross, and how is little head that Mary probably kissed was crowned with thorns, and that perfect little boy that Mary watched grow was crucified for my sins. I'm still amazed how much God loves us all, and so thankful for the gift of Salvation. I'm so happy that my family knows the true meaning of Christmas, and I look forward to sharing that with Jacob as he gets older.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The LEGEND of the Candy Cane

A Candymaker in Indiana wanted to make a candy that would help us remember who Christmas is really about. So he made a Christmas Candy Cane. He incorporated several symbols for the birth, ministry, and death of Jesus Christ.

He began with a stick of pure white, hard candy. White to symbolize the virgin birth and sinless nature of Jesus. Hard candy to symbolize the solid rock, the foundation of the Church, and firmness of the promises of God.

The candymaker made the candy in the form of a "J" to represent the name of Jesus. It also represented the staff of the "Good Shepherd".

The candymaker then included red stripes. He used three small stripes and a large red stripe to represent the suffering Christ endured at the end of his life.

The candy became known as a Candy Cane - a decoration seen at Christmas time. The meaning has faded, but still gives joy to children young and old, whom Jesus loves and treasures.

Look at the Candy Cane
What do you see?
Stripes that are red
Like the blood shed for me

White is for my Savior
Who's sinless and pure!
"J" is for Jesus My Lord, that's for sure!

Turn it around
And a staff you will see
Jesus my shepherd
Was born for Me!